12 Meter Submersible Chiller

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Designed for rapid lowering of the temperature of the wort after boiling. This procedure is required to perform before the introduction of yeast in order to reduce the probability of infection of the wort by bacterial infections. Fast cooling improves the taste of beer, improves its transparency. In appearance, the chiller is rolled into a spiral tube, which connects with a hose of cold water supply.

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Chiller 12 meters of Stainless Tube with an external diameter of 10 mm allows you to cool the beer to the desired temperature in 20 – 30 minutes. Made of Food stainless steel, the device will last for many years, will allow to weld hundreds of litres of fragrant, tasty, foam drink.


The Advantages of Chiller 12 Meters (260 mm):

1) Reduces the probability of infection of warm drink by bacterial infections.

2) Improves the transparency of beer, increases its taste qualities-with the rapid cooling of tanning, the proteins become insoluble, fall into deposition. It remains to pump the chilled beer with siphon and transparency, rich in its own taste is guaranteed.

3) Reduce the number of volatile compounds-in particular, dimethylsulfide, giving the drink a sweet taste of boiled corn.



  • Height Spiral: 190 mm
  • Chiller Tube Outer Diameter: 8 mm
  • Inner Diameter of Chiller Tube: 6 mm
  • Connection: 8 mm




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