Alcohol Testers Set in Wooden Box

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Professional and precise alcohol measurement set. Very easy and convenient to use with a thermometer. Suitable for testing the alcohol hydrometer of making white spirit and beer.

Package Includes a box to store 3 pieces alcohol meters, thermometer and measuring bottle (100 ml).

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                              How to Use:

1) The predicted amount of alcohol is first poured into a  measuring cylinder.

2) Wipe the thermometer set in the graduated cylinder (alcohol temperature should be within the range. 0 ~-40 Celsius or should be heating or cooling), and then 30 to 60 alcohol wipe sailed sank cylinder count, which occurs when three conditions:

A: The indexing level scale range, so be ready degrees.

B: Liquid level below the dividing ruler or alcohol meter skew, they can remove the alcohol meter replacement 0 – 30 specifications.

C: Level higher than dividing ruler or alcohol meter sink to the bottom, then remove the alcohol meter.

3) Reading when the liquid level within the indexing ruler stand for 5 minutes before reading.

4) Showing the value of the thermometer from left to right the investigation, both the value at the cross that is want to measure the actual concentration of alcohol.

Alcohol Testers Set in Wooden Box
Alcohol Testers Set in Wooden Box


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