Ball Lock Fittings for Quick Disconnect


Quick disconnects make the mashing and boiling process much easier and much cleaner. Don’t risk infection while transferring hot mashing water or wort again!


With traditional barb fittings, it is very difficult to clean the tubing and pipe fitting during the process. With these quick disconnects, you can quickly remove the tubing and submerge it in sanitiser when not in use. MPT disconnect screws into your ball valve and the barb side connect to 1/2″ID tubing.

Ball Lock Fittings for Quick Disconnect
Ball Lock Fittings for Quick Disconnect


  • 304 stainless steel construction to look great and last a lifetime.
  • Heavy-duty, high-temperature rubber o-ring inside for leak-free connections.
  • Barbed retracting locks for easy slide-back connecting and disconnecting.
  • These quick disconnects allow for easy sanitizing during your brew day.
  • The quick disconnect will hold pressure for brewing applications when moving liquids at 60 PSI or less. 


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