Beer Keg with Tap and CO2 Charger

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Forget bulky CO2 tank and complicated beer and gas line to start a weekend getaway!

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This kit is ideal for bottle conditioning your keg at room temperature for about a week before you take your homebrew on a road trip.

Use the C02 injector to dispense beer whenever you need more CO2 pressure to serve.

Beer Keg with Tap and CO2 Charger
Beer Keg with Tap and CO2 Charger


Relief valve, O-rings and poppets are standard ball lock that can replaceable.

It also fits into any refrigerator. How convenient to have one with club soda or sparkling lemonade, plus two with different kinds of beer.


        Keg Size Details:

  • Height is about 280 mm(10.6”)  with a handle
  • Diameter is about 220 mm(9.1”)
  • Handle height is about 90 mm


        Package includes: 6L beer keg, beer faucet tap, CO2 charger kit

Beer Keg with Tap and CO2 Charger


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