Carbonation Lid Assembly for Cornelius Keg

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This Cornelius keg lid features a top-mounted gas ball lock post with an under-mounted carbonation stone. The attached 0.5 microns diffuse stone is on a 2′ flexible 1/4″ I.D. hose, making it easily fit into any corny keg.

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                       How to Use This Lid:


Beer must be stored cold 34–40°F


1) Pre-boil the stone for 2–3 minutes before using. This assures you that your stone is sterile and any residual oils have been boiled off.


2) Sanitize the whole keg lid before submersing into your keg filled with beer.


3) Set your PSI on your regulator to 3–4psi and attach your gas in fitting to the body connect on the lid. Leave keg at this pressure for 1 hour.


4) Raise your pressure 2PSI per hour until you reach 10–12psi. Leave it at 10–12psi for 24 hours. Pour a pint and test the carbonation. If you think your beer needs more CO2 leave for another 4–6 hours and have another pint.


5) Remove carbonation lid after carbonation level is satisfactory. Return original keg lid for long term storage.

Carbonation Lid Assembly for Cornelius Keg
Carbonation Lid Assembly for Cornelius Keg


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