Counter Pressure Bottle Filler


This handy counter-pressure bottle filler is a useful tool to fill bottles of various sizes. It fits standard beer taps and is a great way to rack off a few bottles for competition or package beer into bottles.

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The counter pressure bottle filler is a great way to fill bottles directly from your taps without compromising your kegged beer’s flavour, aroma or carbonation levels. It’s completely made from stainless steel with no aluminium or brass components. This enables you to use a wide range of chemicals for cleaning this device without the risk of damaging the device or accessories.

It is very compact and will fit any tape with a 10.0 mm inner diameter spout/nozzle.  We also supply other accessories so you can attach a beer line to this unit for other filling methods too.  To use this device simply connect the CO2 gas line to the filling unit and away you go.

Counter Pressure Bottle Filler
Counter Pressure Bottle Filler

The integrated counter-pressure relief valve gives you good control of the counter-pressure and thus the filling speed. How fast the bottle can be filled without too much foaming depends on CO2 level, beer temperature and bottle temperature.

This unit comes complete with a wide range of accessories including a carbonation cap so you can quickly disconnect your beer line, duo tights so you can fit a beer line to the unit and other useful fittings you might need.


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