Coupler Adapter with Adjustable Faucet


This clean and modern looking is a great addition to any kegerator, bar or keg. Perfect for dispensing beer, water or other beverages. It is very simple to install and ready in minutes.

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This device will come in very handy for lovers of home brewing. It is indispensable at parties and meetings with friends when serving homemade beer. You can purchase a set or both parts separately.

Coupler Adapter with Adjustable Faucet
Coupler Adapter with Adjustable Faucet
  • This beer faucet is made of stainless steel for comfortable beer dispensing and is durable enough to provide you with long service life.
  • It fits any beer coupler. There is an o-ring anti-leak.
  • Lightweight design, perfect for a party or picnic.
  • Thread size: G5/8


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