Digital Infrared Thermometer


High precision measurement, adjustable emissivity, HD, colour screen, high and low-temperature alarm, object distance ratio 12:1, unit switch, data retention, automatic sleep, low battery prompt.


High precision sensor: High-quality upgrade sensor. Professional high and low-temperature measurement.


        Industrial Grade Parts:

  • High precision laser indicating
  • High precision sensor
  • Aluminium alloy sensor shell
  • High precision intelligent sensor
Digital Infrared Thermometer
Digital Infrared Thermometer

°C/°F easily switch, two temperature measurement modes (Celsius C°/ Fahrenheit °F), one-key switch measurement according to real-time needs.

Emissivity is adjustable-Default emissivity value preset is 0.95. According to the different material surfaces, it can adjust the emissivity of the machine to achieve higher accuracy measurement.

Digital Infrared Thermometer

When the thermometer is turned on, the default measurement value is the maximum value, and continuous measurement can lock the higher temperature point.

30 seconds without any operation, the thermometer will automatically enter sleep mode.

When measuring boiling liquid, do not let smoke or steam of boiling water touch the temperature sensing area, and keep the measuring angle at about 45°~60°.

Digital Infrared Thermometer


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