Flow Liquid Meter Monitor


This flow indicator is used to observe the liquid flow speed of the liquid cooling system, in case the pump stops working and causes overheating.

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The flow indicator can be used to observe the water flow speed of the water cooling system. Observe the liquid pump to detect whether the main shaft is blocked by the state of the liquid flow. G1/4inch thread is widely fit for most computer cooling tubes or connectors.

Flow Liquid Meter Monitor
Flow Liquid Meter Monitor


  • An impeller water flowmeter can help you observe the speed and working status of the water flow.
  • Made of transparent acrylic material, durable.
  • The design is simple and practical, easy to install, small in size and long in service life.
  • The green impeller is easy to observe and is widely used in computers or other water cooling systems.
  • Well-designed, 8mm threaded quick-connect faucet.  


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