Home Brew Filter Bag


Simple and easy to filter out residue, quick and easy cleaning, more convenient for home use.

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Made of 100% food-grade nylon material, non-toxic, odourless, environmentally friendly, and can be used with confidence. Tear-resistant and quick-drying, just put an appropriate amount of detergent, rub for a few minutes, then rinse the bag with water.

Home Brew Filter Bag
Home Brew Filter Bag

The seam is a double-reinforced design, it will not tear or tear easily, and it is more durable. These nylon bags are designed with drawstrings, allowing you to easily seal or open the bag, easy to tighten and use, to prevent leakage.

Strong polyester fibres and sturdy stitching of the reusable straining filter bag ensure that no particles slip in, making your brew fresh and clean. Food filtration is more delicate and the drink tastes better.

Home Brew Filter Bag


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