Homebrew Beer Filter Kit

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This set will provide you with the thinnest filtering. It is designed to be placed between two ball-locked kegs and uses CO2 to push the liquid from one keg to another through a filter.

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The Beer Filtering Kit is designed to place in between two ball lock kegs and use CO2 to push the liquid from one keg to the other through the filter while it catches particles down to 1 micron, which the industry considers “fine” filtration.

This will provide you with clear beer or wine as long as it does not contain a starch haze, while also decreasing the time it takes for CO2 to condition the beer.

Homebrew Beer Filter Kit
Homebrew Beer Filter Kit

The most common method of using the product includes these steps: keg beer, chill it overnight, filter the next day, carbonate, and have conditioned and clear beer in a couple of days.


  • 10″ filter housing
  • 10″ 1-micron filter
  • 1/4″ (6 mm) barbed fittings
  • Ball-lock beer barb disconnects
  • SS hose clamps
  • Thread tape


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