Jockey Box Coil

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An all-stainless steel wort chiller is one of the most important pieces of equipment in homebrewing. It is vital to cool boiling beer wort to yeast pitching temperature in the shortest possible time. Sanitation is assured because only the outside of the Chiller touches your beer, and it starts out in boiling liquid.

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This Jockey Box Coil is made with 50 feet of 5/16″ OD, 304 Stainless Steel. You made and kegged your homebrew, so now make your jockey box so that you may enjoy a delicious cold draft beer at your next picnic or family gathering. This coil comes with two female G 5/8″ ends allowing you to easily hook up to a standard beer shank. No need hext nuts, ferrules, and grommets! It can be used to convert any cooler into a jockey box.



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