Stainless Steel Hop Filter

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This stainless steel filtration unit will turn your in-line filter housing into a hop. Pack your filter with fresh hops, vanilla beans, fresh fruits, or any other spice and give your beer a huge burst of favour on its way out the tap.

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This beer filter is made of food-grade stainless steel, resist rust, heat, and pressure, 150 and 400-micron stainless steel wire mesh( will not wrinkle or damage easily), uniform porosity, good filtering performance, resulting in a clearer beer and better taste.

Stainless Steel Hop Filter
Stainless Steel Hop Filter

This brew filter will dramatically keep hop trub from getting in your brew bucket. Designed to work with our filter housing or any other standard 10″ housing.

Diameter: 2.48″ (63 mm) 

Filter Height: 9.875″ (250 mm)


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