Weldless Sight Gauge Stainless Steel


This is an affordable sight gauge and it includes all fittings needed to install into a brew kettle.



  • Easy to install. Just drill a 7/8″ (22 mm) hole in the kettle.
  • It is easy to cut to the exact length with a pipe cutter taking small adjustments at a time or simply by using a table saw or hacksaw.
  • Three different lengths of PC tubing are available.
  • The eye bolt allows you to attach the sight tube to your kettle. You will need a 1/4″ drill bit and drill to do this.
  • The sight gauge vinyl numbers(2-20) are for use on your site gauges as graduation marks and measures.
Weldless Sight Gauge Stainless Steel
Weldless Sight Gauge Stainless Steel

                     Cleaning Your Sight Tube:

A simple occasional light cleaning with your favourite cleaner and a 3/8″ nylon hose brush is all you need to do.

If you are doing deep cleaning for more than 30 minutes, it is recommended to remove the sight gauge and install a hole plug during this cleaning period because extended contact with cleaning detergents could cause the polycarbonate to crack.


Avoid direct flame contact and use a heat shield if necessary to avoid excessive heat to your sight gauge, the poly-carbonate tubing has a  rating of up to 250 Fahrenheit (120 Celsius). Paying attention to avoid both of these will increase the life of your sight gauge for many brews!

Weldless Sight Gauge Stainless Steel


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